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No.5, Vol.30, 2017
2017 Vol. 30 (5): 0-0 [Abstract] ( 7 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (0 KB)   ( 1 )
Effect of an end plate on surface pressure distributions of two swept wings
Mohammad Reza SOLTANIa, Mehran MASDARIb, Mohammad Rasoul TIRANDAZa

A series of wind tunnel tests was conducted to examine how an end plate affects the pressure distributions of two wings with leading edge (LE) sweep angles of 23° and 40°. All the experiments were carried out at a midchord Reynolds number of 8×105, covering an angle of attack (AOA) range from 2° to 14°. Static pressure distribution measurements were acquired over the upper surfaces of the wings along three chordwise rows and one spanwise direction at the wing quarter-chord line. The results of the tests confirm that at a particular AOA, increasing the sweep angle causes a noticeable decrease in the upper-surface suction pressure. Furthermore, as the sweep angle increases, the development of a laminar separation bubble near the LEs of the wings takes place at higher AOAs. On the other hand, spanwise pressure measurements show that increasing the wing sweep angle results in forming a stronger vortex on the quarter-chord line which has lower sensitivity to AOA variation and remains substantially attached to the wing surface for higher AOAs than that can be achieved in the case of a lower sweep angle. In addition, data obtained indicate that installing an end plate further reinforces the spanwise flow over the wing surface, thus affecting the pressure distribution.

2017 Vol. 30 (5): 1631-1643 [Abstract] ( 25 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (10455 KB)   ( 1 )
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